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Our chairs are recognised for offering high-end features at an affordable price range. The comfort in our designs means hours of uninterrupted gaming. Blitzed’s key commitment is towards your leisure.

Moving beyond just the aesthetics, Blitzed is the final touch to your world of gaming. So perhaps it’s time to upgrade your set-up?

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  • Fatima
    We received the Luna chair, the quality is so good. Thank you!
  • Tahnoun Khaled Alhebsi
    Thank you for the beautiful and comfortable Blitzed Omega blue and white chairs! I can’t believe that I got the chairs in two days.
    Tahnoun Khaled Alhebsi
  • Manikanda
    The Apollo Gaming Chair I purchased feels comfortable and worth for money. No odd smell on the product which is a major plus. Design and comfort wise its a 100% worthy product.
  • Ahmad
    I just used the chair and it's very comfortable, spacious, has a massage, very premium, high quality, and a great customer service
  • Wassim
    Amazing and very comfortable, really like it and easy to build
  • Sultan Majid Ibrahim
    Thank you for this product. The Luna gaming chair is perfect and unique with its massage feature and back rest, totally loving it!
    Sultan Majid Ibrahim
  • Al Reem
    The Bonsia gaming chair is gorgeous! The gaming chair was clean and the same one that I ordered + it was wrapped very well + it was delivered at a perfect timing!!
    Al Reem
  • Jed
    I'm very happy with my transaction with Blitzed. The customer service is very helpful and I received my order in time. Thanks a lot and keep it up.
  • Nasser
    I have wanted a gaming chair for a long time and was not able to find one for the perfect price until I came upon Blitzed Juno Gaming Chair, extremely fast delivery within 3 hours and good support!
  • Greg
    Ordered and received on the same day! The chair is high quality, and all of the assembly tools were provided in the delivery. The lumbar support is an extreme upgrade and this chair is very good for posture so far. The chair is a life changer!
  • Tamer
    It’s very comfortable and has a great look!
  • Mohammed
    Based on experience this is comfortable compared to other chairs and literally, this is the best chair in the market and I bet on it. When I lean back it does not hold me, it pushes me to the normal position. I’m 96KG and it is comfortable, recommended for overweighted people.
  • Mahmoud
    I am highly satisfied with the Premium Gaia chair. It helps maintain a healthy back posture along with its smooth leather finish. I am glad I made this purchase.
  • Alya
    I am extremely happy with the new Blitzed Premium Gaia Chair! It provides perfect seating posture and is really good for the back and arms. I love the color and texture of the material which seems perfect for all seasons. I would surely recommend this product and am looking forward to buying a couple more Blitzed chairs as there seems to be a wonderful range!