• Fatima
    We received the Luna chair, the quality is so good. Thank you!
  • Tahnoun Khaled Alhebsi
    Thank you for the beautiful and comfortable Blitzed Omega blue and white chairs! I can’t believe that I got the chairs in two days.
    Tahnoun Khaled Alhebsi
  • Manikanda
    The Apollo Gaming Chair I purchased feels comfortable and worth for money. No odd smell on the product which is a major plus. Design and comfort wise its a 100% worthy product.
  • Ahmad
    I just used the chair and it's very comfortable, spacious, has a massage, very premium, high quality, and a great customer service
  • Wassim
    Amazing and very comfortable, really like it and easy to build
  • Sultan Majid Ibrahim
    Thank you for this product. The Luna gaming chair is perfect and unique with its massage feature and back rest, totally loving it!
    Sultan Majid Ibrahim
  • Al Reem
    The Bonsia gaming chair is gorgeous! The gaming chair was clean and the same one that I ordered + it was wrapped very well + it was delivered at a perfect timing!!
    Al Reem
  • Jed
    I'm very happy with my transaction with Blitzed. The customer service is very helpful and I received my order in time. Thanks a lot and keep it up.
  • Nasser
    I have wanted a gaming chair for a long time and was not able to find one for the perfect price until I came upon Blitzed Juno Gaming Chair, extremely fast delivery within 3 hours and good support!
  • Greg
    Ordered and received on the same day! The chair is high quality, and all of the assembly tools were provided in the delivery. The lumbar support is an extreme upgrade and this chair is very good for posture so far. The chair is a life changer!
  • Tamer
    It’s very comfortable and has a great look!
  • Mohammed
    Based on experience this is comfortable compared to other chairs and literally, this is the best chair in the market and I bet on it. When I lean back it does not hold me, it pushes me to the normal position. I’m 96KG and it is comfortable, recommended for overweighted people.
  • Mahmoud
    I am highly satisfied with the Premium Gaia chair. It helps maintain a healthy back posture along with its smooth leather finish. I am glad I made this purchase.
  • Alya
    I am extremely happy with the new Blitzed Premium Gaia Chair! It provides perfect seating posture and is really good for the back and arms. I love the color and texture of the material which seems perfect for all seasons. I would surely recommend this product and am looking forward to buying a couple more Blitzed chairs as there seems to be a wonderful range!

Premium RGB Chairs

RGB lights with different modes
Adjustable Backrest (90° - 180°)
Lumbar cushion with massage feature
High quality PU leather

Budget Gaming Chairs

Retractable footrest
Thick padded seats
Ergonomic headrest with pillow
High quality Faux leather

Are you a massive fan of gaming? But uncomfortable posture and muscle cramps won't allow you to enjoy your playtime for long? Being hooked to games like Call of Duty, League of legend, Fortnite, Dota, etc., means sitting on end on the chair for hours. For the best gaming experience, you must have all equipment in your gaming room, including the monitor, lighting, gaming desk, and gaming chair. However, where will you find good, durable and comfortable furniture for your gaming room? Blitzed offers gaming room furniture that will make your gaming experience top notch!

The Difference Between Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs

Overall Features

Standard office chairs have designs that are meant to stand out in your office. It comes with simple features. They are usually in 2-3 colours, namely black, white and grey. The materials used in office chairs are mesh or nylon fabric. On the other hand, gaming chairs have an ergonomic design. They have extraordinary features like a high backrest, thick padding and adjustable seat height. They come in a wide range of colours, durable and easy to clean fabric, PU leather, Faux leather, etc., and are supported by high density foam.


Comfort is one of the essential features of the chair. If you want to spend long hours in front of the computer gaming or work, comfort is an important aspect that you need to consider while choosing the best chair. It is in your best interest to buy a chair that suits your requirement and your definition of comfort. Office chairs offer comfort - over short periods. However, over more extended periods, a lack of adjustability may cause less efficient stretching patterns and lead to muscle contraction. The best gaming chair promotes healthy seating postures with adjustable features. For the short term, office chairs are the best and easy to use.


‘Ergonomic’ means ‘adjustability’. A standard office chair does not come with an adjustable backorder from muscle contractions; there aren't to ensure perfect posture any flexible features included in the office chairs that can help. In comparison, premium gaming chairs come with adjustable components:

  • Lumbar support: It keeps your spine straight. Some chairs come with a unique message unique feature to relax your muscles.
  • Armrests: It encourages movement and provides extra bracing.
  • Backrest: It enables you to change your position frequently. With 90-180 degree recliners (safety angle 170-degree), the premium gaming chairs are the healthiest way to sit for long periods.
The best gaming chairs come with a tilt mechanism that lets you angle the backrest according to your convenience.

What furniture should be in a gaming room?

Gaming chair

Gaming chairs have become an essential and crucial need in this era. It features high-quality padding and the best cushioning. To make gaming more fun, the gaming chairs from Blitzed guarantees ultimate comfort and fantastic design. The gaming chairs are all about eliminating unnecessary interruptions. It is an ideal unit for relaxation, gaming and working. This is an essential addition to your gaming room.

Gaming desk

The Desk is an essential gaming room furniture. The main objective is to make your experience top notch! The gaming desk from Blitzed ensures you have ample space for multiple screens, which may be an added advantage for any gamer. It helps you stay focused on your game by providing good posture to your body parts without straining them. Enjoy gaming with a healthy posture with a cheap gaming chair and gaming desk.

Ergonomic mesh chair

The ergonomic mesh chair is another piece of furniture that you should have in your gaming room. It improves posture and reduces pain. It also offers a firm, supportive structure and an array of adjustable functionalities. One of the main advantages is breathability. The chairs can provide better airflow and are an excellent addition to warm office spaces. The chair has ergonomic support and aesthetic appeal that makes it so popular.

Support by a gaming chair

The best gaming chairs from Blitzed support a healthy seating position and good posture, and it reduces stress on muscles and boosts blood circulation. The chairs provide a triple set of features to ensure perfect posture- Good back support, heavy padding, and comfort and wellness.

Different types of gaming chairs message unique based on your specific requirement:

Premium gaming chairs

Blitzed premium Gaming chairs provide many functions and features. It offers a unique massage feature with a chair massage, adjustable footrest, backrest, armrest, and seat height. The chair also features an ergonomic design. If you are looking for high class features with extreme comfort, this chair is the best fit for you!

Budget gaming chairs

If you are looking for impressive features at a low price, the cheap gaming chair with comfortable seating and modern design is the one for you. The chairs offer extreme support for your body and have an ergonomic design with a simple synchro mechanism. Our budget chairs are definitely worth the investment!

Basic gaming chairs

Blitzed provides cheap gaming chairs that are a combination of design, budget and comfort. These chairs offer impressive features and improve your gaming experience, and it helps to ease discomfort and maintain correct posture.

RGB Gaming chairs

Are you looking for something to elevate the look of your gaming room? The RGB gaming chairs from Blitzed are made with attractive Red, Green and Blue LEDs. With unique modes and rich colour combinations, the chairs provide stunning light effects.

Illuminate Blitzed

Lighten and Brighten your gaming room with illuminated gaming chairs from Blitzed. These chairs feature elegance and endurance. They are sleek and modern designs with extraordinary features.

Best gaming chair 2021

Blitzed offers different equipment for your gaming room. From premium gaming chairs to classic gaming desks, we offer a wide range of products for you to choose from. With so many colour variants and great features, this gaming furniture is a novel addition to make your gaming room look aesthetically pleasing.


1How is Blitzed comparable to other gaming chairs?
Add a valuable asset to your gaming room with a Blitzed gaming chair and desks. We commit ourselves to deliver the best by offering affordable cheap gaming chairs and desks for all your requirements!
2What is so special about gaming chairs?
To improve your posture during long hours of gaming or working, a gaming chair is necessary. The more you sit in a gaming chair, the better your gaming or working experience. The gaming equipment from Blitzed is an ideal solution that will make your investment worth it!
3How much should I pay for gaming room furniture?
The average cost for gaming room furniture comes from approximately AED 1000 to AED 2000. This amount takes a lot of factors into account and depends on your requirements and likings. Create a convenient and classy gaming room with gaming furniture from Blitzed!