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  • Blitzed BS1710-2 Door Grey Beige Office Furniture

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  • Blitzed BS1710-2 Door White Office Furniture

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    BS1710-2 DOOR WHITE

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  • Blitzed OT1728 Office Furniture

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  • Blitzed WS1835 1 Person White Office Furniture


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  • Blitzed WS1835 2 Person White Office Furniture


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  • Blitzed WS1835 4 Person White Office Furniture


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  • Blitzed WS1835 Four Person Office Furniture


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  • Blitzed WS1835 One Person Office Furniture


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  • Blitzed WS1835 Two Person Office Furniture


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  • Blitzed WT106 Office Furniture

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  • Blitzed WT1200 Office Furniture


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Office Furniture in Dubai

Do you wish to decorate your office in a unique way? Blitzed is a renowned furniture company in Dubai that provides a wide selection of high-quality office furniture online. Setting up an office may not be an easy task, but with Blitzed, you can affordably build your dream office. From executive desks and office desks, to reception tables, we will satisfy all your needs and requirements. 

Whether you're opening a new office or setting up a home office, our wide range of collections is specially designed to create modern and futuristic workspaces. We help you choose the right furniture with elegance, comfort and style. Browse through our cost-effective and functional office furniture solutions by colour, material, and design following your budget that can adapt to your choice and specific requirements. 

Are you looking to create a practical yet inviting environment for your employees? Do you want to enhance productivity? Are you suffering from backache due to uncomfortable seating? Are you prioritising a perfect ergonomic setup for your office? 

If yes, then Blitzed is the right destination for office furniture that provides excellent value by combining contemporary design, reliable quality, and exceptional service. In the office furniture sector, our products have exceeded customer satisfaction for over a decade, establishing us as a global company.. 

Here are a few simple guidelines while selecting office furniture for your workspace.

  1. Ergonomic Features

As employees sit and use the furniture all day every week, comfort is critical in the office. Consider buying ergonomic workstations and chairs as they provide good support. Office chairs must have strong backrests, armrests, swivel and wheel options. Desks and tables should have plenty of space, storage, and legroom for utmost comfort.

  1. Sustainable Material

When choosing office furniture for your workspace, you can choose from a variety of materials that provide varying levels of comfort, support, and durability. It should be affordable and durable as well as hassle-free while working.

  1. Costing

Budget is an important factor when purchasing office furniture. It should be considered an investment. With Blitzed, it is possible to get high-quality office furniture at reasonable and budget-friendly prices.
Your colour, material, and configuration choices are determined by your needs and design preferences. While purchasing office furniture in Dubai, it is very important to consider all aspects as this would involve a one-time investment. To make the best decisions, consult Blitzed which offers creative solutions by taking into account every requirement to turn a dream office into existence. You will not only find the most appealing and functional office furniture but also comfort at affordable prices!

Shop Office Furniture at Blitzed!

Are you looking for ways to optimise a modest office with functional furniture? The first step in creating a cosy and pleasant work atmosphere is selecting the proper office furniture. 

Purchase Office Furniture from Blitzed to create a home-like environment at your workplace. Our office furniture collection is designed to make your workspace truly flexible and employs quality where it matters to deliver cost-effective solutions for all budgets.

Choose furniture that promotes a positive working environment. We guarantee a hassle-free experience when it comes to selecting, designing, and installing office furniture. However, when purchasing office furniture in Dubai, there are a few things to consider. It can be difficult at first, but with these few recommendations, you can make the process easier and create a great working experience. 

  1. Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture takes a comprehensive approach to assist the body in maintaining excellent posture, sitting pleasantly, and working productively from that chair. It has been specifically developed for productivity and comfort in the workplace.

  1. Improve Well-being

The best-rated office chairs are constructed of breathable materials since it helps to maintain body temperature and prevents sweating throughout your workday, allowing you to be comfortable and productive.

  1. Resimercial Design

The resimercial design of Blitzed office chairs brings the comforts of home into the workplace. It creates a vibrant and enticing work atmosphere. It improves the aesthetics of a workspace and also increases productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Purchase office furniture from Blitzed in the UAE and create the workplace that every employee desires.

Office Desks and Office Tables

Our workstation is an essential element of our daily lives. If one is at ease while working, they can enjoy their work without feeling stressed. Let us look at a few key modifications and inclusions that could help to reduce stress in the working environment. 

  1. Office Desks/ Executive Desks

The office desk is where we spend 90% of our working hours. As a result, it must meet all your workspace needs. A modern office desk supports a positive lifestyle. Our desks provide ample storage space to keep your workstation clutter-free and organised. We provide office desks with partitions that allow people to work while maintaining their privacy and personal space. We provide a wide selection of office furniture to suit your budget, colour, and design choices.

  1. Reception Table

The reception table will establish the overall tone of your company. It will not only provide adequate space for your receptionist but will also function as a focal point of the area. Blitzed provides the most modern welcome desks that can be configured to fit any space in your workplace. Our office furniture is created using hand-selected raw materials and cutting-edge machinery. It is extremely durable and has a smooth finish.

  1. Workstations

To boost worker productivity and foster a healthy work environment, it is important to purchase suitable office workstations. This is perfect for a group of individuals to work comfortably together. It helps to maximise space and gives every office a pleasant, organised, and professional appearance.

  1. Bookshelves

A bookshelf or bookcase is an excellent addition to a workplace or any other space. It provides a sense of organisation for books and can also accommodate other items such as picture frames, decorations, or souvenirs that you want to show to your visitors. Bookshelves provide a fashionable as well as a functional component. So, when looking for the ideal piece of furniture in the UAE, visit Blitzed.

Why Blitzed?

At Blitzed, we aim to provide quality and value. We focus on developing modern furniture designs that match any décor style. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, great rates, and a diverse assortment of high-quality products that allow our clients to furnish according to their preferences. We specialise in going the extra mile to establish your office space in the best possible way while keeping your demands in mind. We provide a 100% guarantee on product quality and are always available to assist our customers in selecting the best product from Blitzed’s extensive assortment of furnishings.

Premium Blitzed Price
Bookshelves 650.00 د.إ
Executive Desks د.1,200.00 – د.إ600.00
Office Desks 2د.إ1,100.00 – د.إ25.00
Office Workstations د.إ1,950.00 – د.إ600.00
Reception Tables د.إ1,000.00 – د.إ900.00



What can Blitzed do to benefit my workplace?
At Blitzed, we are the ergonomics experts. A workstation can be made more productive by using office chairs that allow optimal posture, less exertion, fewer motions, and better heights. Providing ergonomic furniture demonstrates your company’s dedication to the health and safety of its employees. Furthermore, healthy employees are your most valuable asset, so creating and fostering a caring culture at your company will lead to improved organisational performance.

What are the features of the office chair provided by Blitzed?
Here are some Key points (adjustments) an office chair should have:

  • Proper back & lumbar support
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Adjustable arms
  • Nylon castors
  • Built with high-quality melamine
  • Anti-termite and cable management
What methods of payment are available?

Blitzed UAE accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and wallets. The payment gateway is safe and provides a sense of security for consumers.

How many years of warranty does office furniture from Blitzed come with?

The office furniture is covered by a one-year limited warranty from Blitzed. We promise to stand by the level of excellence of our products and services. Also, assured quality services will be provided post-warranty.

Which kind of material is used to make office furniture?

High-quality melamine material is used for office furniture at Blitzed.

Under which circumstances, can I return the product?

We do not accept products back if the damages are caused due to prolonged use of the product – wear & tear of material of the product. Also, assembled products will not be accepted for returns except in cases of manufacturing defects.