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Dota, Counter-Strike, Xbox- have you been playing games like these for hours on end? Add an element of excitement and enhance your experience while gaming by using a gaming chair with RGB lighting. It is one of the best gaming chairs that offer durability and flexibility to satisfy all your gaming needs!

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  • Blitzed Luna Black RGB Gaming Chair

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  • Blitzed Poseidon Yellow Gaming Chair

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Premium RGB LED Gaming Chair- Complete your Gaming Gear!

Match elegance with style in the most admirable manner with the RGB LED gaming chair that could be your ideal sitting partner. Don’t leave out even the minute essence of the game by adding the gaming chair with rgb lightning to your gaming gear. Take the wow element up a notch with our Premium RGB Chairs!


Features: Premium RGB LED Gaming Chairs

Looking to upgrade your gaming setup? Built with an elegant design, the RGB chair gives your back maximum comfort which makes it a perfect choice!

RGB LED Lighting:

With RGB led lighting running around the edges of the chair, the gaming chairs add vibrance to the ambience with special modes and rich colour combinations. The chair comes with a racing light effect that can be controlled with a wireless remote controller. The wireless remote allows you to operate the lights of the chair even at a distance and gives you freedom from the entangling wires.

Our 3 best premium RGB chairs you must checkout – GAIA Black RGB, Luna Black RGB, & Luna White RGB.

Ergonomic design:

The gaming chairs with rgb lightning are made of highly durable, easy to clean PU leather-based to promote relaxed seating. They have long-lasting and sturdy metal frames which definitely makes them the best gaming chairs. They have an adjustable seat height, adjustable backrest with an adjustable and 2D armrest and retractable footrest which ensures right alignment and support for your back, neck and feet.


Our RGB chairs are specially designed to be locked at any angle between 90-180 degree with a safety angle at 170-degree in order to provide an enjoyable experience. The chairs come with 5 point heavy-duty base and nylon easy-rolling casters to keep away from scratching on the ground and circulate easily and quietly with 360-degree swivel rotation.

Cushions and Pillows:

The chairs include thick padded seats with a headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. The pillow and cushion are detachable and are well padded with amazing foam to offer you more comfort.

Massage feature:

It has a special massage characteristic within the lumbar cushion, which helps to reduce strain and anxiety as well as increases productivity and alertness.

Why choose Premium RGB chairs?

The gaming chair with RGB lighting is an all-in-one chair. It is one of the best gaming chairs you could add to your gaming setup. They provide comfort and are also an excellent gaming aesthetic. While the LED lighting gives you a proper gaming feel, the massage feature relaxes your body while working or gaming for long hours. The retractable footrest that the chair provides is a definite bonus! If you need to rest or take a short nap, pull the retractable footrest out. The adjustable seat height and adjustable armrest also provide extended support and comfort for your back and your neck so that it does not do not disturb your posture. 


Get Gaming Chair with RGB at Affordable Prices on Blitzed

Say adieu to discomfort and soreness with these Premium RGB chairs that offer an appropriate headrest pillow and Lumbar cushion to enable absolute alignment of your backbone. Maximize your gaming experience with the super features of the RGB Chair. Bring ease to your arms and back and vouch for perfect safety with this ultramodern and elegant gaming chair with RGB lighting. Combining comfort, style and affordability, this gaming chair is an exclusive piece suitable for all gamers!



What is an RGB chair?

RGB (Red, Green and Blue LEDs) gaming chairs are made with attractive LED illumination with special modes and rich colour combinations to make gaming fun in low lights. RGB chairs use LEDs to elevate their looks by providing stunning light effects.

What is the best RGB gaming chair?

The Luna black RGB chair is one of our bestsellers and is loved by all gaming enthusiasts. It's a perfect chair for long hours of work, gaming or even resting.

Do premium gaming chairs with RGB come with a warranty duration?

Yes. All chairs have a 12 months limited warranty for manufacturing defects. However, it excludes

  • Damages induced due to wear & tear of the fabric of the product.
  • Assembled merchandise is not accepted for returns.
  • Returns on unassembled pieces can be accepted within 5 working days.

What is the cost of RGB-led gaming chairs?

Our RGB-led gaming chairs range from 750 AED to 850 AED.
Premium Blitzed Price
Gaia Black RGB 750.00 د.إ
Luna Black RGB 850.00 د.إ
Luna White RGB 850.00 د.إ
Poseidon Yellow 603.00 د.إ