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Office Furniture in Dubai

Office furniture in Dubai is widely spread over various categories. With an exclusive array of unique and stylishly designed office furniture, Blitzed, a leading furniture company in Dubai, helps you to enhance your workstation with comfort and perfection.

Whether you are at your office or working from home, long sitting hours have become a common thing in today’s busy world. Hence, being seated at the right angle, with the right lumbar support keeps our body in a more comfortable position. From the reception to the boss’s cabin, Blitzed helps you to recreate your workspace with comfort, elegance, and style. 

Office furniture at Blitzed is uniquely designed keeping the body requirements in mind. With adjustable seat height, tilt mechanism, and ergonomic features, the mesh chairs at Blitzed have become the most wanted piece of furniture for every workspace.

Follow our easy tips that help you pick the right office furniture.


A perfect ergonomic design is very important to have a healthy posture. This helps reduce the strain on the neck and back while seated for long working hours.

Size & Storage:

Each office is different with regard to height and size. Keeping in mind the height and size of the office ensures proper use of the space around the workstation. Sufficient storage space helps to keep things organized and takes away unnecessary stress.


An affordable and durable material leads to tension-free working. A Premium material especially for the back and seat area of chairs not only adds comfort but helps to complete office tasks smoothly.


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There has been a major transformation in the working environment post-pandemic. With major changes taking place in the workspace with regard to office designs, Blitzed brings you the best office furniture that are designed specifically keeping this change in mind.

While designing office furniture there are a few important features that Blitzed has worked on, to create a great working experience.

Great Ergonomics:

The recent pandemic has helped people know the importance of good health. Blitzed has designed office furniture that reduces stress on the body, especially on the neck and back. Our great ergonomics not only help during long working hours but also while gaming.

Lumbar Support:

Buy office furniture online from Blitzed that are designed for comfort with lumbar support for a relaxed posture.

Easy Mobility:

Our office chairs have smooth rolling nylon casters with 360-degree swivel and a 5-point heavy-duty base that helps in easy mobility. Our Workstations also have easy mobility.

Sleek & Trendy Design:

Our office furniture is elegantly designed to look great and trendy. They blend well with all types of office décor.

Space & Storage:

For increased productivity, it is important to work as a team. Office furniture at Blitzed is designed for efficiency and to create a collaborative workspace.
Recreating a workspace even with the smallest change might seem challenging. Buy office furniture online from Blitzed and experience how our furniture positively impacts your productivity.

Office furniture is an integral part of an office setup. It affects the people working in the office in many ways. To possess loyal and hardworking employees, it is very important to think about their health and safety and provide a healthy working environment.


Blitzed Office Furniture

Blitzed has made buying office furniture online in Dubai easier. It has an array of products that are not only premium but also budget-friendly and can be explored at your fingertips. A comfortable chair can reduce stress not only at the office but also for many gamers who spend long gaming hours, especially during tournaments.

Every individual is different and has different preferences too. For gamers, sitting in one position and playing is a phenomenon. Whereas, office people have to continuously keep moving to reach out to their sources. In both scenarios, office furniture plays a crucial role. Having a workstation with everything in a reachable radius becomes a blessing for many.


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Office Chairs:

Blitzed brings you a variety of office chairs to choose from. Our chairs have premium quality and are budget-friendly too. With high-quality ergonomics, our chairs provide the perfect support your spine needs. They help you maintain the right posture.

Our office chairs have adjustable seat height and come with a great tilt mechanism. Browse our vast range of office chairs to enhance and elevate your workspace.


Buy Office Desks & Tables

Stress is the main reason for various health conditions. Many people face a lot of work stress and this has become a common phenomenon. A few minor changes at the workplace can help in beating work stress. A comfortable workstation will not only reduce stress for employees but also help increase productivity.

Our modern office desks and tables are designed to provide good posture and also minimize strain on the body.

Companies should definitely invest in quality office desks and tables for long-term use. Getting office furniture that has great features and ensures the good health and comfort of employees is very important.

Let’s see how Blitzed can contribute to reducing your work stress and increasing productivity.

Office Desks:

 90% of our working time is spent at the office desk. Choose a desk that will suit your requirements. It should have great ergonomics and come with adjustable heights. This can help in switching between standing and sitting while you are at your work desk. Our office desks are designed for multitasking.
Office desks at Blitzed have sufficient storage space that helps to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Having the right size of office furniture is again very important as space could be a challenge. Desks with partitions help to accommodate more people thus saving on office space.

Office Tables:

With a professional team of dedicated designers, Blitzed has beautifully and aesthetically designed office tables that are comfortable and stylish, both. These office tables will surely elevate the look of your workplace.
Recreating the workplace with Blitzed furniture will not only give your office a classy and professional look but also redefine your work experience. Blitzed in a one-point stop for all your office furniture requirements.


Buy Office Workstations

Since the recent pandemic, apart from the office, home too has turned into a workplace. Hence, now that everything's back to normal, offices too are expected to have a homely environment. Be it home or office, the office workstation at Blitzed has everything that you want for comfort and a hassle-free working environment.

Exclusive Collection:

All offices have different interiors. At Blitzed we offer an array of office workstations that is not only trendy but also blends with all interiors. With our vast selection of colors and materials, you can buy furniture online as per your requirements. They are made from superior quality material. Offices with smaller spaces too can accommodate our 2-seater and 4-seater workstations.

Sufficient Storages:

Blitzed understands your requirements and has designed modern office workstations that have ample storage spaces. We help you to keep your workstation pretty organized and absolutely clutter-free. Our workstations have sufficient drawers as well as storage spaces and are suitable for all working environments.

Our Par-Excellence:

Blitzed believes purely in customer satisfaction. We are up-to-date with the latest market trends. Hence our designs are not only comfortable but elegant and trendy too. We don’t just deliver furniture but we deliver excellence.


Why Buy Office Furniture from Blitzed?

Many times while buying furniture we think more about the looks and ignore the comfort part. Our unique collection is elegantly designed to look great and at the same time provide comfort too. While on a call, if you require some file or data, then having everything within a reachable radius becomes quite convenient. Blitzed offers furniture that helps you to easily access your resources. Our variety of office furniture has all the features required for the smooth functioning of office tasks.

When you prepare to set up a new office or redesign your current one, you take a lot of care. The perfect color, appropriate lighting, durable upholstery, etc. are the things that we look for. We also look forward to an environment-friendly workplace that has proper air ventilation for the right movement of fresh air and at the same time brings positivity. Blitzed makes your job easy by offering you our wide range of furniture that incorporates comfort, elegance, and style and makes working smoother and more flexible.

At Blitzed, we understand that every person is different. We consider their work type and relate to how the furniture will help them in their daily tasks. Hence, we work toward every individual’s preference. Browsed through our unique collection of office furniture that is not only beautiful in aesthetics but also fits perfectly in your space.

You can check our superior quality furniture that comes at the best affordable prices. Our furniture helps develop an inviting and positive environment. Recreate your workspace with office furniture from Blitzed which is designed to elevate the looks of your office and at the same time augment productivity.

So, are you ready to recreate your office and augment your productivity? Blitzed can help you with the perfect furniture that not only will enhance your interiors but also promote your employee’s wellness. Browse and explore to know more about our collection.